USED Rheon Sheeting Line

USED Rheon Sheeting Line

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USED RHEON  SHEETING  LINE Produces wide variety of high quality products such as Cinnamon Rolls, Danish, Croissant, Doughnuts and Shortbread easily on a single compact line. Line includes the following items:

Stress Free Multi Roller with Flour Sweeper Model FV376 Belt Width: 39-1/2" Synchronized Conveyor Model MCO23 Single Rotary Cutter Frame Model OK981 Roll Spreader Conveyor Model NA Sheeting Conveyor Model 3C095  Double–Cross Roller Model CM213 Center Pick Up Service Donut Cutter Model 1K012 Trim Dough Conveyor — Model NA Side Winder Unit Model MF601 Water Dripping Device — Model LF013 Roller Station


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