Bakers Pride Double Pizza Deck Oven, Natural Gas, Model # Y-800

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Bakers Pride Double Pizza Deck Oven, Natural Gas, Model # Y-800

Burns, TN


These USED Bakers Pride® Y-800 Natural Gas Deck Pizza Ovens were only used for 6 months. Two 2-deck ovens (stacked), look brand new and are in excellent working condition!

Bakers Pride® Y series deck ovens are the best-selling pizza ovens in the world. Each oven chamber features one Lightstone fibrament deck with an 8" deck height and independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers for perfectly balanced results. This series is constructed with heavy-duty, .25" angle iron frame, which is fully welded to allow for doublestacking. Oven exteriors are all heavy-duty stainless steel and are fully insulated for cooler outer temperatures and consistent interior temperatures.

Features: • 120,000 total BTUH • Natural or LP gas • 300–650°F (148–343°C) temperature range • Stackable • 2" (51 mm) thick Lightstone fibrament brick-lined decks

Part No: 170Y80N0001111

Serial Nos: 572031507006 and 572031507004


ManufacturerBakers Pride
Serial Number572031507004 and 572031507004
Stock Number1438376
Choose deck area60" x 36" (1524 x 914 mm) or 66" x 44" (1676 x 1118 mm)
Choose overall width78" (1981 mm) or 84" (2134 mm)