Bagel Former & Divider, BF-100 & RK-2100


Bagel Former & Divider, BF-100 & RK-2100

Burns, TN


Bagel Former Model BF-100 and Bagel Divider Model RK-2100 BF-100 Serial # F 350 RK-2100 Serial # 1216 Volts 220 Amps 11.7 Phase 3 This equipment is used in the production of Bagels. The Divider and the Former work in a uniform manner to produce a round dough that when finished is a perfect Bagel. The dough is cut into strips and fed into the Divider/Former where it is cut into chunks. It then goes under the pressure plate and finishes its journey through the former by being turned into a circle by the curvature of the belt. The round raw Bagels then drop on the round rotating table. FEATURES DIVIDER No heat transfer to dough Gentle knife cutting action Teflon coated stainless steel knife Accurate scaling Easy clean-up and maintenance Simple weight and speed adjustments Made in the U.S.A. Can produce mini to bull bagel sizes Uses no divider oil or piston action Stainless steel cabinet Parts and service readily available FORMER Free standing bagel former Self cleaning belt scraper


ManufacturerAM Manufacturing
Stock Number00064141ao